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mbt batai Sales manager , what kind of talent _171

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PostWysłany: Śro 14:17, 13 Kwi 2011    Temat postu: mbt batai Sales manager , what kind of talent _171

Sales manager, what kind of talent

sales this post, always occupies the majority of talent network pages, seem to have failed to meet the demand? But a post on the other hand are a number of staff in contention.

a member of the same for the sale, with every human emotion is move up to sales positions, human is always forwarded to me a number of cabinet, each cabinet has a number of sales of the elite of self-recommendation. See these beautiful presentation performance packaging or expensive, I always think, why is there such a business and personal Jinggang Kong Gang, the phenomenon?

with doubt and human resources has been a master of communication, we presented different views, but since no more than a summary of the following situations:

1,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], recruitment who do not fit with the job: such as business recruitment is the city manager obviously have to play provincial manager, regional manager positions to move, business idea is good, really hire qualified personnel to operate the market, but this is just business unilateral phase, the competition for the individual? Just want to hold candidates provincial manager, he would accept the city manager post? Regional manager of holding candidates who will accept the provincial manager post? Even if the business or career planning through the vision statement, barely move a few talents have come in, but the treatment will retain it? Do not you see, just after finishing recruits, began to do less than two months left, and made human resources staff is very busy,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], but really need the department or Kong Gang, this is one of the reasons business Kong Gang recruitment does not fit the marketing elite. This is like a tractor repair jobs, recruit a maintenance car, tell him there will be car repair tractor repair, but he will be is maintained it?

break: the job, former first understand what the duties assigned; then this responsibility know what to do skills, literacy; long work experience, what kind of character;

2, the recruitment of a part of marketing: Marketing that in order to make known, spread the point of manufacture in the circle first degree, and expand the influence, so he took aim at 51job, Zhaopin and other high-profile sites, play regional manager of advertising bills, a dozen is six months, but in reality is simply not the job, but just a creative advertising department.
management article published in vPro line | / darticle3/list.asp? id = 125394 | 8
break: Open frequently used search to know that this type of recruit not only failed to create a good communication in the circle, but the object of attack, notoriety remote, and ultimately the formation of wolf stories, the real day to recruit people, and the results no longer apply.

3, between thought and reality conflict quadrant: Whenever love to read novels, have seen in a number of scenes in martial arts, good seedling roots are disciples of the door, not the foundation of martial arts are not as good as foreign novice strength. Among the beggars of the eight bags of elders beat the phenomenon of street beggar, thus thinking on the work of academic and technical education to help in the end how much,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], in fact, when companies do not value talent in finding whether it is the Disciples, or other origin enterprises are seeking the best, certainly the most able to create effective. If you read the excellent sales personnel must be attracted, not trained this book will have a different experience. Bo sale by sharp sales management, what management needs in the kind of line management personnel.

crack: we are not necessarily the real line Wu origin, but must be very carefully, threw himself into marketing sales professional people. You're looking to do things, well-born well and good, came from the grassroots to do things, nor is it a bad thing.

4, CD empiricism, allows firms always like to recruit people from the industry, from the enterprise-level members of the staff promoted the old people, but few are willing to cross-recruit people. How can the industry do a N-year-old man who is behind the company has become a leader, even ahead of the pack, then he did in the ring what benefit the business under the thing? dictates, is the corporate strategy and tactics, by their or their area of ​​responsibility of a single show it? The company will not easily give up the elite. Must find ways to retain this elite. So we really move over the elite, they tend to work for a very long time, but left the report still did not come up, we probably never have the person must be elite, so to also correct. But the same order, this is not necessarily companies do not want to release the former may have some of the staff handling the accounts of the project, cost of sales has not handled well, there may be a root cause of the elite, which wants to go could not walk it.

break: an old saying, .

5, sales of the elite of the display platform by artificial restrictions.

Human departments should consider is: 8 years of sales experience, good performance, the channel is rich in resources, can work independently, able to assume regional, regional, or did the staff of the national market. Expected to change by adjusting the pattern of sales personnel, sales break, after all, sales in this area in order to fast track,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], this is the best way to substitutions. Development needs of different people with the guards, it is recommended to move the actual situation of the market the right way to sales manager is one of the best. If the recruiting department to see someone perfectly suited to the post, but only had 3 years or less, then this post is to miss out with it? The answer is yes, is not that business leaders do not identify what is it, but this man's resume up to the human sector, where the little girl that just graduated was stuck.

break: important positions in the resume, be sure to indicate in the recruitment of information sent directly to the hiring manager's mailbox go to avoid the pass and talent.

please visit NEXT: failed to reach sales targets, boss, the first thought is replaced, then, for the head to increase sales in exchange for it?

of welcome and discuss your views and opinions, Tel: 13673131511,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], e-mail: [link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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