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supra for sale Application of organic fertilizer h

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PostWysłany: Pon 11:29, 14 Lut 2011    Temat postu: supra for sale Application of organic fertilizer h

Application of organic fertilizer peach Maisie increase production of high

Real appearance and quality, increase the proportion of Grade A fruit. Raise the price of fruit. (See Table 3)-Ig ~ Shi Tan Bao Table 3 Maisie picked early rejection and the high price: BCD control tff (yuan) A Si May 19 May 19 harvest May 19 May 21 May 26 units of 3.0 yuan Lu Yuhua 3.0 Yuan 3.0 yuan 2.9 yuan 2.8 yuan June 28 June 28 harvested June 28 June 30 July 4 nuclear unit price of 2.5 yuan Beijing from 2.5 yuan, 2.5 yuan 25 yuan 25 yuan on the table describes the application of The general facilities can be high ahead of U.S. harvested 5 to 7 days. And field demonstration of the results in Table 2 is consistent. Early maturing varieties can be listed a few days earlier to fill the gap. To improve the economic efficiency is very important. Application of high in fruit appearance performance of the U.S. tour bigger in size peaches, early and bright coloring. More equal, small differences in fruit cyberspace, down grade fruit ratio increased, as shown in Table 2, Shi Kao Shi Grade 8 percentage points higher fruit; B roughly the same results; and C reduce the proportion of fruit. At the same time once every 3 days pick fruit juice soluble solids determination to improve the content of 1 to 18 percentage points, tasting the sweetness of the saddle were significantly increased. 3,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the application of high economic Maisie Maisie 4 pry the treatments with high economic efficiency increase compared with control Unit: kg,%, no Muzeng Muzengmuzeng Mu Shouru varieties yield output growth of processing capacity rain A88193379.2836. 6B72l5. B337.6832.6 demonstration garden flowers C48105275.2826.6D163.5192.0818.6 Lu Beijing Comprehensive 8412.8301.719.5 47103272.6826.4 investigation by the nuclear field from the model three times per acre application of high total consumption of 1188 U.S. Tour ml calculated as 7128 yuan into a car. Plus labor costs 20 yuan per mu, the total cost of 91.28 yuan, input-output ratio of l: 3c (t meeting to discuss Portland l 1, 1995, after further testing and demonstration proved. And the 1994 Community consistent results. In the conventional application of basal fertilizer, timely irrigation, pruning and pest control, strengthening, based on the U.S. Adding Applied Organic Rang high fertilizer can increase yield, improve fruit quality, so that the fruit big and tidy. bright color, sweetness increased and mature about a week earlier, after deducting the cost of increased net income of 200 yuan per mu. high fertilizer application method is simple and the United States applied harmless to humans and animals, not hollow of a tree infected environment, the production of the important measures of quality green food. We recommend On this basis, should be expanded demonstration and extension. In order to further explore the optimum application technique. the need to continue targeted scientific experiment 2, in the methodologies used and the time on the trip. In 1995 two field plot experiments and the results demonstrate that In the initial application of technology can be certain: First, spray the soil and foliar spraying than the single trip combining the two leaves up fast pull to improve fruit quality and yield good effect on the foliar concentration of 400 times Juan, 500 times more effective than 800 times. solid, it is suggested the soil and foliar spray are diluted 400 times travel is appropriate. fertilizing the soil during the early spring,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], spray irrigation should be germinated with water, fertilizer should be twice the hard fruit ridge stage and rapid enlargement of the 3, the high U.S. tour with less fertilizer can have a significant effect. Our preliminary view,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], on the one hand claim that it is organic nutrients, and contains many trace elements, nutrients homogeneous barrier. especially the added soil and D tree of boron, zinc and other trace elements; the other hand, it homes in humic acid crosslinking agent is a high-tech products, its potential activation of soil nutrients and improve tree nutrition. to promote the body's metabolism may indeed role. The soil spray to stimulate root growth. The above data are based on product introduction and production of practical results have been confirmed by the preliminary closure. As a result of testing only a year,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], no theoretical studies, only selected aspects of experience.. r Guangnan mining Lin cabinet made agricultural station 663,315 farmers borer (borer) is a major pest of rice. fall. It larvae in the rice pile in winter, until next spring when the temperature appropriate to resume physical activity level. of pupae and adult emergence. physiological transition period in the spring, insect metabolism strong. fat lot of consumption. respiratory oxygen consumption increased significantly. At this point, in the case do not poison the environment, the death rate is rising sharply. So in early spring when the temperature rose to 16 ��, Choose 2 to 3 different types of fields, the use of parallel sampling. each pile of rice fields cluster sampling 50-100 stripping investigation, the physiological control overwintering larvae of the conversion period. that is the beginning of the pupal stage, submerged deep water rice pile 4 to 5 days or turn broken rake exposure; for the late receipt of the late autumn fields. every 5 to 7 days, Happy Valley, irrigation water,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], a total of 3-5 times. larvae and pupae in 80% mortality, the high effectiveness of this method up to 100% of the good, the economy, not pollution of the environment. l9
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