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supra for sale Promoting the simple, saving concep

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PostWysłany: Śro 17:24, 09 Lut 2011    Temat postu: supra for sale Promoting the simple, saving concep

Promoting the simple, saving concept of curriculum resources

Places of interest, through the behind the development of teaching. After the lesson, each student filled pieces have been attached to the post and the entropy, the class asked. students surrounded them and read with great interest the feelings of Shenzhen people. This simple method allows each Students have the opportunity to express and show, and also have the opportunity to listen to the feelings of others, to achieve among students, students and teachers} 1 = fJ good communication,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], teaching Shuai when asked to save the class, but each a child has reached the purpose of communication. look at this card, see Card 2 f): This is the primary assignments of the course ¨ common cards. students to read each student's essay, fill in a ditch after such a small person flash cards to teach students to fill out this handsome cards purpose is very clear: to the paper towel practice. both JJl】 deep understanding of the students writing skills and understanding,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], but also improve the ability of mutual evaluation of students, while also training students in skills such as final place . Students courtesy to learn the training is intended to train like this card Jue, making easy. Low cost,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], since the content, clarity of purpose, students are unable to fill up and will not start or boring. We should learn from the example above. We can see that. Deposit developed countries. Teachers are often full text of Park, Jane's aids, fH is designed to make their teaching very good. Our teachers are good at playing their own hands, brain, producing a simple and effective teaching aids Ding is important to use the advanced ideas of education to lead their own actions if the lack of advanced educational concepts, awareness of genuine concern for students, many forms can be easily imitated but never the design,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], not innovation. The new curriculum is not only the hardware required conditions, more advanced educational concepts. Philosophy is, regardless of rural and urban areas, as long as the possession of such advanced concepts, rural teachers also can be tapped f t play to the parents of T are good resources. parents historical knowledge and its population may be children of a rich understanding of society and life, and accumulated experience, emotions have an important role in training is important to learn our comprehensive learning material , [J language communication,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], writing edge of learning, are available from these resources to find correct card towels rich material, and not just limited to _ Bong. No Enemy rural or city if, as life is colorful nails strong sense of process resources teaching Shuai, see the sky overcast. will go to juice Hj language to describe the students, to express the mood has been: t Tin contradictions students, compared to complain, he will take things from the students, after a little bit clear and the results training students in language skills; he will ask students to talk off and to enhance the harmony handsome student relationship, enhance communication skills learning cattle: he will repeat the study with first seen together last tI a television festival. discuss Enemy ~ some of the towel off point ... ... In short, the implementation of the new process towel, will teach a handsome set fire to view the resources, in addition to a good side to cut off the feet of some of Lee Hj resources, but also fully implicit Icheon nature, potential resources, as long as we Ding this sense, time to try, unconsciously r dig curriculum resources will improve the energy is. Secondly, we promote a simple, economical resources view, seedlings' first with a good a piece of chalk, a blackboard, and vigorously, and improving the quality of teaching can not get a good teaching results. the end. We also remind the teachers to develop hands-on, brains and self-consciousness and habits. line of advanced educational concepts, clear educational goals, each teacher will have the wisdom and creativity. Life is full of all resources in an initiative to explore the resources as long as the heart, how much living space, teaching space will be asked by how much. (Author: Ministry of Education, Basic Education Textbook Development Center) in fact said that can be used resources, but also (Editor Zhao)
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