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tory burch outlet Established in Jilin, Ningbo, hi

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PostWysłany: Śro 12:25, 26 Sty 2011    Temat postu: tory burch outlet Established in Jilin, Ningbo, hi

Established in Jilin, Ningbo, high-quality beef supply base

Less meat, and has been without a stable and sufficient sources of supply. To address this market problems, after a long investigation, Ningbo City, Jilin Province, Iraq recently in Datong County, Huadian City, Yushu established direct supply base in Simmental cattle. According to City Board of Trade of the meat carcass management experts, Simmental beef cattle breeds in the world-renowned, quality of beef cattle in the case of the many fine. The pollution of local soil fertility, feed all agricultural products,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the production cycle is long, so Simmental cattle meat produced especially delicious. It is reported that the supermarket business and Ningbo has established a direct supply channels of the base and sent to the cattle farming, transport the whole process of quality control. Currently, there are several supermarkets in Ningbo has been put on the first Simmental beef quality. Space (Source: China Ningbo Net) Liaoning no longer approve the establishment of small and medium enterprises pig slaughtering the General Office of Liaoning Provincial Government recently issued a the establishment of annual slaughter capacity of 10,000 pigs slaughtered under small enterprises, to ensure the safety of pork production and processing. It is understood that the current slaughter and processing capacity of Liaoning, has a serious surplus of individual small and medium sized pig slaughtering enterprise software and hardware facilities to meet the national standards, pose a serious pollution of the surrounding environment. The provisions of Liaoning Province, from 2008 onwards, the annual slaughter capacity of Liaoning Province, 3,000,000 more than in the pig slaughtering business, total control in three or less; annual slaughter capacity of more than 1 million live pigs slaughtering enterprises, total control at 10 months or less; nature reserves, drinking water source protection areas, scenic areas and other environmentally sensitive areas protected, allowed the new pig slaughtering business. According to the plan, the future of all pigs slaughtered in Liaoning enterprises should have a sound inspection of live pigs, slaughtered, meat quality inspection,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], product quality and traceability, safe disposal,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], sanitation and other job responsibility system. Liaoning Provincial Department of Commerce official said, Liaoning Province, for 2010, the county town more than 100% of market sales of pork from pig slaughtering enterprises, township into the point of slaughter pig market rate of 95% or more, so that urban and rural residents enjoy their meat. Space (Source: Xinhua) Tel / 043I. 87989877/86814288/86814188E-mail: zhubian @ sinai00 ~ o1 humane slaughter training, and the draft of China's humane slaughter The most basic requirements of humane slaughter animals at slaughter, animals must first be Using carbon dioxide butcher technology and equipment, this method also environmentally friendly than the power to kill, and more meat. Studies show that when the pigs after the panic, some bad substances secreted,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], a By humane slaughter, the better the quality of pork. In other words, people eat the meat taste better and healthier. It is understood that Chengdu's main export fresh and frozen pork in Southeast Asia and Russia, due to high demand in Europe and America, has not yet exported to Europe, the implementation of humane slaughter, both to improve the quality of pork, but also to open up European markets to provide relevant protection. Head (Source: Sichuan Online) Ningxia Tongxin County has become Distributed City More than half of the original velvet her into the local processing enterprises, of which million people from Care. Ningxia hair Leather Industry Association, Du Dianyao introduced since the 80s of last century onwards, once the formation of concentric northwest of larger scale distribution base. on century and early 90s, people go to at the time Cashmere concentric distribution center - Hebei Qinghe learning cashmere carding technology. into the 21st century, with the increasing volume of raw cashmere acquisition and processing to enhance the quality of the area is gaining momentum cashmere industry rapidly becoming the economic characteristics of industry in Ningxia. Up to now, the pace of concerted cashmere acquisition team has 11 provinces around the country and around the 7 countries, will be nearly 1 / 3 of cashmere raw material back to Ningxia,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], and nearly half of Tongxin County revenue from the acquisition of cashmere processing industry. Head (Source: Xinhua Ningxia Channel) * 6
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