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moncler doudoune Way different grafting pine culti

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PostWysłany: Sob 5:56, 29 Sty 2011    Temat postu: moncler doudoune Way different grafting pine culti

Way different grafting pine cultivation management technology

And publications to be reported. Shi Renmin radio stations in the August 24, 2000 6:56 morning China Central Television two sets, seven sets of program to documents and invitations, invites us to attend the Beijing Zhongguancun Technology Exchange Center,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the lead work. In addition, we also used the Mudanjiang City Science and Technology Commission of the activities of science and technology to rural areas the opportunity to have three organizations, distributing promotional information on more than 30,000 copies of the above media publicity, a great influence in the country, have come to call, write or direct visit, which played a good publicity. 2.6.2 technical training. By holding training courses to improve the technical, management and construction personnel in the business level. In recent years, we have in Tokyo City, Suiyang, large Hailin, Muling Forestry Bureau and other centralized co-taught a class Jianglin Authority to be on behalf of a total of 32 training methods taught a class six, training, technology, management, construction 2.6.3 staff 25O-times technical advice. In recent years, many experts in-depth field to the technical implementation of the project management problems exist in technical consulting, problem-solving tutorials, and on-site guidance. And sent live to teach techniques of skilled workers to improve the technical level of all kinds of construction workers. 2.6.4 the preparation of technical guidelines issued. In recent years, we have prepared a Department fruit forest management operational test and evaluation conducted on the posts are not allowed unqualified personnel. 2.6.5 the establishment of demonstration model forest. In recent years, we have in Muling, Suiyang, Chaihe demonstration model construction, etc. 350 acres of forest, through the exemplary role model forest to forest workers aware of the project's feasibility and potential of the enormous economic benefits, thereby improving Forest workers to promote the enthusiasm of the project. 2.6.6 send experts and technical personnel engaged in the pilot province. We have repeatedly sent technical personnel to the sand area of Inner Mongolia, pastoral, Liaoning Sand Zhang solid platform, Fujian, Shanxi Datong mountains and razed mountains out five pilot projects, but now, Datong, the rest of the points already achieved good results. 2.7 Construction and clonal clonal fruit tree plantation five years of construction and clonal fruit tree clones of 4767 acres of timber. L3.62 times over the original plan. 2.8 The disposable benefit forecast It is reported that the amount of pine seed production stands for the abundance of annual species of 1500kg ~ m0, the average 364kg, due to years 57kg,} 1m. Mature pine plantation process is 81 years to 20 years old 80 years old until the firm until the interval of 3 years, so there are 20 strong cycle, a cycle of seed production l500kg/hm2 (average year and less annual species count the amount of design), a reproductive cycle can produce kinds of 30000kg/hm, at current price of 11 yuan per kilogram basis, output was 33 million. In addition, the mother tree forest reserves l50 plants / hm, per plant accumulation of 1,834 m3, total 220m3 / ~ -12,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], 50% volume ratio, the material 110m3, calculated at the current guide price (504YrJm), the output value of 55,465 yuan, the total value of 385,465 yuan, net of a cycle of forest fees support, q4, 4155.30 Ԫ / hm2 and the annual interest rate 6.4 PCT,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], a cycle of profit 279,000 yuan / hm2, of which 22.9 profit million, tax 50,000 yuan. f Forestry Department Monthly 92.9�� fruit wood without use either of the forest, grain filling stage ahead of l2 years (4 more solid cycle), firm capacity will be increased by 20%,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], or 1800/hrn ~, volume growth times higher than the l that the accumulation of 440m ', a wood 220m' / hm2. The above data, the output value of ha: seed output: ll ~ / kgX1800kg/hmx24 cycle = 475,000 yuan timber output: 800YrJm �� 220m/hm2: 17.6 ��Ԫ Total: 651 thousand yuan / hm . Net of production costs and interest for the l8 million plant h, profits and taxes 471,000 yuan. Of which: profit 386,000 yuan, 85,000 yuan taxes. Currently, only Mudanjiang forest, Hejiang has been extended over 310 ha forest area, growth period is expected to be a value of 200 million yuan,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], profits of 146 million.
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