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Mont Blanc pens Calcium stearate feeding fattening

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PostWysłany: Sob 5:55, 29 Sty 2011    Temat postu: Mont Blanc pens Calcium stearate feeding fattening

Calcium stearate feeding fattening lambs on performance and quality of lamb

The first group and the control group, 3,4 differences in cyberspace significantly (P 0.05). Table 4 Calcium stearate 2.4 mutton quality economic analysis of the current domestic market prices of commodity-type fatty acid calcium are prone high. Used in this experiment, calcium stearate price of 25 yuan, k (success rate prices,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], price analysis here. Only in group 2 (10 # only, Japan) earnings (+1.73 million, but only if by some ways to reduce the cost of production of calcium stearate, economic efficiency will be significantly improved. These results suggest that the experimental group were different degrees of quality meat than the control group, so if the different levels of different Ran by fat lamb bamboo frame - Dry Operators will also get better value for money. In addition,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], if calcium stearate to scale production, the cost will be lower, the economic benefits of calcium stearate is added will be more obvious. In this experiment, integrated units under consideration , calcium stearate added 2O # only, at best: 3 to discuss calcium stearate is a protected fat, the best cut ionization is 45 to 55, in the pH> 5.5 does not dissolve, Therefore, in the normal rumen pH value of the F was not dissolved, when the reach the abomasum and duodenum, in the acidic conditions were dissolved leaving free fatty acids and calcium ions out of the small intestine to be absorbed and used. in order to avoid the West directly Fan caused by fatty acids and fat on rumen microbial damage. as well as gastric cancer, the impact of the normal fermentation, it is beneficial to the health of animals to meet their growing and finishing. Fatty Acid Calcium is a nutrient additive type of energy, mainly to provide energy for the body, does not affect the body's normal physiological metabolism addition, the fatty acid calcium but also of other nutrients beneficial effect on l with. cm Hill (1991), ~ hnekler et al (1988) trainer results indicate that although dietary fatty acid calcium added DM, ON, NDF digestibility and semi-fiber cable has little effect. but the digestibility of ADF and fiber cable and the total fatty acids digestibility was significantly improved; Moe, etc. (1 ~ qZ) __. also believe that adding fatty acid calcium can significantly improve the utilization of ME: The experimental results show that the addition of calcium stearate to improve lamb and mutton production performance and improve quality. Ikuo Kondo This is the research in beef cattle is consistent. lamb production and improved performance, both because calcium stearate provides the energy required for lamb fattening, on the other hand it may also promote the use of other nutrients on . mutton quality is improved,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], revealed calcium stearate may also be deposition of nutrients Speech Festival and the role of redistribution, but also a lack of research arrest, pending further discussion. reference to the text Hz: [} Li Zhinong sheep in China Science [M] Beijing: Agricultural Publishing Du .1993 to be. [2] Strong Tivoli, Zhang Ziyi animal nutrition and feeding parameters of the standard [M] Beijing; China Agriculture Press, 1998.193] Zhang catch a sheep production technology of high-tech benefits [M]. Beijing: China Agriculture Du .1998.213-214 the plate [4] Lu Wen Dai. Yili Zhu, Jie copy. so. sP ant bd door to the master from the state s [M_ Beijing an electronics industry that aim Du .1997.214-245 + ��5JPmSS,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], DLP �� s handsome song d music ofcI �� u9oofl pan fyldsinMfluidIJ]. JINilySei, 73:1794-l Yu. [6] r on the Jpaw.B ~ eee ~ y, AEEl jack. et. canthal Pa flail Im pay bychfattyacids ��JJJDais-, 1986,: 1293 a I299. ��7jC ~ aleCJtPLBurg ~, LDMuCalei ~ B Hill of '�� Lu Zhuo Yue id Idlg ~-inneutral �� r: F ~ eet �� Ipemm �� aTldnutrient when I cried out e ��J_.JDai acridine, 11,73:1 (131-1 (138 ��8.d Ting PL, Dshn, wc, etFee ~ gI Xiu-of-qu dstol ~ lating a ��JJDasd.1 friends,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], 7I :2143-2150 �� ],[ More articles related to topics:

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