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tory burch sale Passed by the dog's common disease

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PostWysłany: Czw 6:03, 27 Sty 2011    Temat postu: tory burch sale Passed by the dog's common disease

Passed by the dog's common diseases

If the flea eggs larvae food, like in the body develop into cysticerci, such as being swallowed fleas infected with Cysticercus like, like the first section that is attached to cysticercosis in the human intestine, three weeks after the development of as adults. Little dog tapeworm infection in adults re-holes, mainly infected children. After infection, the child has diarrhea, abdominal pain, anal itching and so on. Treatment can eliminate sash spirit. Is mainly to prevent the disease in vivo parasite control and prevent infection. (D) of hydatid disease 1. Echinococcus disease: dogs and other carnivorous mammals of Echinococcus granulosus final host. Festival films with pregnant dog feces excreted after the contamination of the environment, people swallow eggs, the larvae enter the portal circulation to spread to the liver and other tissues and organs, positioning the local inflammatory response that can be damaged or hydatid cyst formation, capsule contains a large number of larvae, after years of slowly increasing. Sheep, pigs and cattle are intermediate hosts of this insect, the dog swallowed Echinococcus survey to complete their life cycle. The main organ affected is the liver, lung, muscle, brain, kidney and bone. Generally considered more in diameter 5crn and pulmonary hydatid cyst, must be removed. Highly calcified hydatid cyst expansion due to very little, so do not cut. Not be performed surgery, long-term high-dose toluene da azole. 2. Many patients with atrial spike bead granulosus: Echinococcus multi-final host is a dog, the main intermediate host is mice. More Echinococcus Echinococcus and do not ask more than that the body of Echinococcus not grow into a single large cyst, and no obvious fibrous tissue encapsulation boundaries, but numerous small cysts gathered together,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], and through on reproductive bud formation outside the so-called small follicular or malignant - 16 - treatment of cattle blood in the stool horse mountain sub-Zhen Luo, Jilin Province Wangqing cattle beast pressure points common in clinical stool, there are two: one is the first and after blood, blood red, said gambling was far} ~ species of blood after first blood, bright red color, said recent blood. The disease, regardless of gender, age, usually in the spring, summer, the incidence is higher. Causes: Blood is a Yin, integration in the spleen, Lai yang and travel. Bleeding can be due to heat evil into the sky, or by the gas shortage, spleen and loss of flow taken cattle to drink peach Erzhi spring water, unclean drinking water. Summer, hot weather,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], excessive labor, food and pour mold defeat grass, wet heat toxin owned evil case of gastrointestinal, vaginal contact burns, forcing blood Wang Xing, the spleen and stomach damage, bad weakness, loss of the flow perturbation, and the blood does not go through, the Pan Yi large intestine, spleen yang weak, transport of disorders,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], regardless of voicing, and so the blood in the stool of colorectal otherwise take over ��labor from spleen and stomach, spleen and blood Sheng summarized just can not flow, since the disease can also bow f. Symptoms: In clinical seek the blood in the stool on the two cards are the real and imaginary. Evidence, more acute onset, nose dry, tongue dry, red. Thirst and hi water, loss of appetite and rumination to reduce or stop, the spirit is not summarized, thousands or yellow stool loose stools, usually after the first blood or stool with blood, more blood: bright red, like the pain when scheduling classes, urine deficient, deficiency syndrome, the incidence of light, cattle off weight loss, dry thick hair burning, mental fatigue, head down deaf ears, mouth and tongue with saliva and the pale white slip, loss of appetite and rumination little more broken, pond leaks, it is generally the first Blood or blood with the feces, blood, mostly dark red, limb weakness, do not want to walk. Diagnostic evidence. Hi drink cold water,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], thousands of feces fecal short, animal husbandry and veterinary first blood after Jilin, color red, mouth thousands of red tongue, the number of flood pulse. Deficiency syndrome, fecal thin body lean, and after the first blood,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], blood red gambling, body temperature normal, pulse-ya fine, mouth pale white. Treatment: evidence, detoxification, bleeding based. Prescription: Modified SJ Jiao San fried fried Puhuang 50 Angelica 4O 6O Chih-30 from Licorice 20J ��flavescens 50 with wings 25 1 50 gall Coptis fried Oriental Arborvitae 4O 4O 4O fried SJ Ling Bai won Phellodendron 4O 4O speculation Yu 5O 4O total to fine fried white peony, water prepared and waiting temperature taken orally. The amount of livestock measured in Xiaoxu can reduce it. Deficiency syndrome, tonic Kaiyang, bow l Blood Meridian-based. Sichuan berberine may be less top, yellow j scoop flavescens, plus fried Atractylodes, Codonopsis, Cimicifuga, Zhigancao. Fang Yi; fried SJ, fried donkey-hide gelatin, stir Puhuang, fried Oriental Arborvitae, fried Burnet cured Blood heat, cooling bowel, intestinal bleeding only King and medicine. Sichuan Coptis, Phellodendron, and even wings, flavescens, from Poria heat purging fire, dampness as minister Xie drug toxicity. Angelica, white peony root, Angelica Park blood circulation, dredge the meridians, blood meridian lead, only belly pain as adjuvant. Convergence diarrhea gall to make medicine. For licorice harmonic medicine, nursing Stomach. Combined with the detoxification of various drugs, stop intestinal bleeding Wen Qu, cited by Hong blood, pain, convergence, in addition to the power Evils. Care: Huanchu rest. , Fed digestible forage, rice with clean drinking water. Hydatid cyst in the liver lesions 90%. Treatment of hydatid disease with similar fine. Difficulties from the surgery, the prognosis is more shame. Wang {l Au spine to prevent the disease side reservoir is regularly {; l de-worming for dogs of arecoline hydrobromide, remove the dog's infection. To prevent the dog run around and swallowed infected meat. Do not let the dog must pay attention to contamination of food and the environment. Elimination of hunting dogs.
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