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p90x workout calendar Mori at different developmen

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Mori at different developmental stages of the infectious particles of spores

F January 75 varieties tested stack of new × 7532. 7532 two silkworm varieties as materials, were carried out in each age spore particles at different developmental stages of the infection test. This all will be kept to a fat moth Caner investigation, larvae, dead pupae, moths were microscopic examination. Investigate the incidence of particles. Table 3 shows when l0000 grains / mm when the concentration of food particles Tim spores. L under the age of any area within the food of the larvae died of infection are lO0; 2nd instar larvae within the food zone in the incidence of death of 80 or more. Although to the rest of the cocoon of the moth. But in the dead pupa and moth particles detected in the spores can lo0; 3 under age drinking within the area, incidence of larvae from the silkworm, 24 hours, 48 hours drinking zone in different developmental stages were 65,37.5, O . But in the dead pupae, the detection rate of moth particles are l00; 4 under age drinking within the area. Individual larvae of a disease eating away from the next only in the area. Incidence rate of 7.5; 4 post IOOOO old grain / mm zone in the larval food showed no incidence of death of individuals. But the dead pupae,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], moth particles detected in Jiangsu in 1994, No. 2 mulberry sericulture 9Takre photosynthetic liquid on the quality and yield of mulberry leaves of some Pu Ming Liang (Jiangsu Agricultural College) (Jiangsu Institute of orderly shake) 3 Henry, 2 Light table-Takre Tibetan Song Jian Ang mulberry silkworm growth and development, improve the small hold in the LPAZR, DHZR such cells accounted for cable t, even healthy cells, cell wall structure is conducive to set material - fiber cable connections loose fibrils Q , the cell easy to grow, elongation, thickening and broadening, thereby increasing the leaf area and leaf thickness, increased leaf yield. Hold in favor of small carbohydrates and protein synthesis and accumulation of organic shame, the ancient claim to improve the amount of chlorophyll, increase energy efficiency, improve SOD, CAT activity and total amount of activity, inhibition of POX, MDA formation and activity of shame, canopy delay leaf senescence and improve the quality of mulberry leaves. , Keywords: Mexico Organization spongy plastic cabinet bar spit mirage!: I it is a turtle l {Tkr friends now, mulberry leaves can be used as fertilizer for the production of more types of agents, including Takre photosynthetic sericulture sericulture is a special leaf liquid fertilizer use in the mulberry, the yield significant results, generally reflect a good Suguo Xing et al (1993) studied the optical units Takre mulberry sericulture on the physiological effects of liquid, gold, silver, root (1991) studied the tobacco leaves under different fertilization thickness , leaf area, leaf dry weight and leaf tissue differentiation were studied. Morphology from the mulberry paper, discusses Takre photosynthetic yield mulberry sericulture solution on the role of physiological effects. Materials and methods Test Hanjiang Xian, Jiangsu Province, respectively, Dian Township,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], mulberry fields and mulberry for Togo in Jintan county. Selective growth consistent rate of 100. Results Analysis of the data sets in Table 1, from the ant silkworm Bombyx mori 5th instar silkworm to the end of food by mouth whenever a certain amount of particles under the spores can make Caner infection incidence in Table 3, Table 4 shows, Caner from Age 4 to 5 end of the late age, regardless of 100 / mm, 1000 粒 / mm, 10000 粒 / mrnt adding that a concentration of food particles spores, not found in the larvae died due to disease of individual particles, but the cocoon of the dead pupa and moth examination surveys have particles. Its incidence and the level of food concentration and Tim, Tim the high concentration of food processing area, dead pupae, moth detection rate up to 100. That the use of 100 / mm low concentrations of food 5 Tim Age Caner 6000 / head food, although not the incidence of death of the larvae, dead pupae in some areas has not seized the spore particles, but the moth detection rate of the lowest spore particles the area (from the mulberry silkworm food after 24 hours) is also 3.13, add water from the area from the silkworm disease was 35.29. Detection rate of moth species of particles is very strict sterile cocoon original seed,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the original requirements of non-toxic species, even common species of the system also requires a few thousandths below. Therefore, for disease control particles to very strict requirements. Through the experimental analysis of that disease prevention and control of particles can not relax at any time, be sure to run through the whole process of sericulture, from the silkworm thoroughly disinfected before the Jamsil Canju pathogenic to mulberry pest control kill insects to prevent cross-infection to Fresh off oral pathogens under way. Ant to 5 age from silkworm beam as long as Caner of fresh food by mouth Sang will prevent the next infection. Another noteworthy issue is the smell test in the control area,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], although each test material were from the same batch of silkworm Caner, but appliances are strictly sterilized, so. Infectious diseases have not found the individual particles. This shows a healthy Caner have to eat the next until after spores particles quantitative incidence of infection as long as strict isolation, strict disinfection,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], can be cross-contamination does not occur so silkworm period interval to enhance the work of the utensils to prevent cross-infection is effective.
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