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On the implementation of service outsourcing, ten

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PostWysłany: Czw 5:09, 27 Sty 2011    Temat postu: On the implementation of service outsourcing, ten

Modern high-end outsourcing services industry is an important part, with information technology, carrying high added value, low resource consumption, less environmental pollution,Software outsourcing companies, creating jobs (especially college students employment) ability,Flash web development, high level of international features. Currently, the service outsourcing, trade in services and high-end manufacturing and technology research and development aspects of the transfer as the main characteristics of the new round of world industrial structure adjustment is on the rise, the development of the international market for China's modern service industry has brought new opportunities. Firmly grasp this opportunity to vigorously undertake international (offshore) services outsourcing business, is conducive to change growth mode of foreign trade, expand the knowledge-intensive services exports; help to optimize foreign investment structure, improve the quality and level of utilization of foreign investment.
According to the "national economy and social development in the Tenth Five-Year Plan" on the "speed up the transformation of foreign trade growth mode, ... ... building a number of service outsourcing bases and orderly transfer of undertaking international service" requirements, to promote the service outsourcing industry, the rapid development, optimizing the export structure and expand service exports, the Commerce Department decided to implement service outsourcing, "ten thousand works." Outsourcing "ten thousands of projects," the objectives and major policies and measures as follows:
First, the service outsourcing "ten thousands of projects," the objectives
"Eleventh Five-Year" period, the construction in the country has some 10 international competitiveness of the service outsourcing base cities to promote the 100 world famous transnational corporations to transfer their service outsourcing business to China, 1000 to obtain an international qualification training and medium-sized service outsourcing enterprises, to create favorable conditions to undertake a full range of international (offshore) outsourcing services, and improve service value and service outsourcing export volume of the 2010 based on the quadruple in 2005.
The notice "service outsourcing enterprises" means the outsourcing contract with the service provider and long-term service contracts entered into to provide services to the customer service outsourcing business outsourcing provider; "service outsourcing" refers to service outsourcing enterprises to provide information technology Outsourcing (ITO) and business process outsourcing services (BPO), including: business transformation outsourcing, business process and business process outsourcing services, application management and application outsourcing services, business applications, infrastructure technology outsourcing (IT, software development, design, technology, R & D, infrastructure integration and management technology platform integration), etc.; "international (offshore) outsourcing" refers to service outsourcing enterprises to provide services to the offshore outsourcing business customers.
Second, the implementation of service outsourcing, "thousands of Ten Project" training programs
(A) training in the business world funds, arrange special funds for public training outsourcing, the implementation of "ten thousands Project" training program.
(Ii) outsourcing of public funds used to support the training of special students (including college, the same below) increase the outsourcing of professional knowledge and skills, encourage service outsourcing enterprises to new types of jobs students training project focused on training, fresh out of college students and not the employment of university graduates, and service outsourcing enterprises new recruits, and strive to 30-40 million within five years training to undertake service outsourcing practical talents necessary to absorb 20-30 million graduate employment, effective solution to the shortage of service outsourcing industry professionals and Employment of College Graduates.
(C) training of service outsourcing, including: customized training services, human resources outsourcing companies, practitioners, qualified personnel training, international certification training, industry standards and related intellectual property training, internships and work-study students training to new recruits pre enterprises business skills training, training of service outsourcing industry and other reserves.
Outsourcing "ten thousands of projects" under the specific programs training programs, "Ministry of Commerce on good service outsourcing," thousands of Ten Project "training on work," (Annex I) Implementation
Third, the support service outsourcing enterprises bigger and stronger
(A) to encourage service outsourcing enterprises to obtain international certification. According to "Ministry of Commerce on good service outsourcing," Ten thousand project "Enterprise certification and market development related to work," (Annex II) of the relevant provisions of the eligible and to obtain international certification industry, service outsourcing enterprises to give certain incentives, and take effective measures to support the international certification of maintenance and upgrades, and strive to promote the 700 enterprises within five years to obtain CMM / CMM I3-level certification, 300 companies made CMM/CMMI5 class certification. International Certification include: Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) certification, Capability Maturity Model (CMM) certification, human resources Maturity Model (PCMM) certification, information security management standard (ISO27001 / B S7799) certification, IT service management Certification (ISO20000), environmental safety certification service providers (SAS70).
(B) development of service outsourcing enterprises, policy loans and related services. National Development Bank, the Ministry of Commerce, in keeping with the conditions of service outsourcing enterprises purchasing equipment, construction of office facilities, developing service outsourcing business,Flex development, opening up international markets to expand exports, to provide policy loans. China Export & Credit Insurance Corporation and the Ministry of Commerce co-operation, to comply with the conditions of service outsourcing enterprises to provide credit insurance and guarantee services, and to assist service outsourcing enterprises to establish credit risk management mechanism.
(C) support service outsourcing enterprises to vigorously explore the international market to undertake international (offshore) outsourcing business. Meet the conditions of service outsourcing enterprises in international market development activities, according to the "SME International market development fund management approach" of the relevant provisions for financial support.
Fourth, great efforts to "China Service Outsourcing Base City"
(A) of the Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Information Industry will be selected based on a number of service outsourcing development and growth potential of the central city as "China Service Outsourcing Base City" (hereinafter referred to as the base city), at the macro policy, planning and design, personnel training, investment, comprehensive coordination and other aspects of support, and the establishment of special funds to support the base of the city's construction. Launched the "China Service Outsourcing Base City" in accordance with the "Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Information Industry launched the" China Service Outsourcing Base City "work to identify issues related to notice" (Annex III) implementation.
(B) of the National Development Bank, the Ministry of Commerce, on the base cities of service outsourcing industry,PHP outsourcing, according to the need for the development of service outsourcing technical support for the public service platform construction, public information network construction, infrastructure and investment environment to provide policy loans. Technical support for the public service should focus on building the platform for service outsourcing businesses based on technology research and development, quality assurance, testing, demonstration, validation, training, project management, intellectual property protection and other public services, infrastructure and investment environment should cover the data storage , information transmission, power protection, logistics services, shared facilities such as the construction and improvement.
Fifth, China's service outsourcing information to create a public service platform
Ministry of Commerce led to the base city, multinational corporations, service outsourcing and service outsourcing enterprises well-known institutions, research departments to support the unit, the establishment of China's service outsourcing of public services information website for the service outsourcing enterprises, domestic and international service outsourcing enterprises, relevant government departments and research institutions, and institutions of higher learning, university / college graduates to provide various information related to service outsourcing, the establishment of service outsourcing business trading platform for service outsourcing business recruitment and university / college graduates in the service outsourcing industry employment provision of public services and increase outreach efforts to build "China's service" good image.
Sixth, encourage and support the development of service outsourcing in central and western regions
Full advantage of the Midwest, Northeast and other old industrial bases talent resources, the work on identifying the base in the city, giving priority to the relative concentration of research institutes, colleges and universities in central and western cities, appropriate to reduce the identified conditions; to take effective measures to encourage the eastern base of cities and cities in central and western base of strategic cooperation; on national economic and technological development zones in central and western regions to undertake service outsourcing in infrastructure and improve the investment environment to loan interest subsidies.
VII, improve intellectual property protection system outsourcing
At the base of intellectual property rights complaint center cities to crack down on all kinds of violations, increase the strength of intellectual property protection; the base cities of service outsourcing industry should be based on the special needs of the legal system to further improve the protection of intellectual property, confidential data related to the development of service outsourcing rules, the establishment of service outsourcing industry comprehensive evaluation system of intellectual property protection and good faith in the whole society to create a good atmosphere.
Eight actively and effectively carry out investment promotion outsourcing
Carefully study the latest global trends in the development of service outsourcing, drawing on the successful experience of other countries, the development is consistent with China's investment promotion policy to improve service outsourcing in China's international competitiveness; under the guidance of the Ministry of Commerce, overall planning, and concerted efforts, active Outsourcing order to carry out investment promotion; give full play to China International Investment Promotion, Investment Promotion Bureau of Ministry of Commerce, local investment promotion agencies and other intermediary organizations, multinational companies outsourcing services for strategic and specific intent to develop specific work programs, through diversification customized services, active and effective investment promotion, and vigorously promote the transnational corporations to a certain amount of service outsourcing business to China.
Nine, good service outsourcing statistics
Further improve the existing system of trade in services statistics, the international (offshore) outsourcing business into the service trade statistics, to establish a scientific, comprehensive, systematic calibration of statistical norms outsourcing; Commerce Department will strengthen cooperation with all levels of business sector, the establishment of effective data collection channels, to keep abreast of service outsourcing, "thousands of Ten Project" of the implementation of evaluation results.
Local commerce authorities to unify their understanding, attached great importance to the implementation of service outsourcing,Sharepoint software development, "thousands of Ten Project" of the importance of combining the actual situation in the region, do a good job related to implementation, the development of service outsourcing industry and actively create a good environment. Found in the implementation process issues in a timely manner to the Commerce Department reported.

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